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Invading MySpace
"Oh, hey girlie. What's up?"
" I was wondering; do you have a myspace?"
"Myspace? No, sorry, I don't. Why?"
"Thought so. Mm, no reason, I was just wondering why."
"Yeah, wondering why you don't have a myspace. I know you're all into the whole 'rebel' thing, but wouldn't it just be easier?"
"Heh, jeez, make me sound like I'm thirteen! 'Rebel'!"
"Heh, yeah yeah, but... Still, wouldn't it?"
" *Sigh.* Yeah, I guess in a way, but you know, when you have a myspace, you're kind of screwed for life, too."
"What? Wait, what are you talking about?"
"Well, you know, once you have a myspace, it's like whatever you're feeling like at that moment kind of owns and defines you. It becomes you."
"But aren't you the one putting it on there?"
"I don't think you know what I mean. Maybe for a couple of months, you ARE feeling rebellious and keep your myspace like that. Black, skulls, angry or depressing status things, emo moods, you know, all of it."
"Yeah, but then, after awhile, you
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Lez-B-Friends by Aven-Cloudchaser Lez-B-Friends :iconaven-cloudchaser:Aven-Cloudchaser 6 1 Teardrop - 91 by Aven-Cloudchaser Teardrop - 91 :iconaven-cloudchaser:Aven-Cloudchaser 2 3
The final Night - ShizumaKaori
The sky was dead. The harsh February sun shone gray on the fog-covered ground, robbing the world of color. Two girls, running from thier classes, sat huddled together for warmth. Across the younger one's face, a black-haired fresheman, a gentle smiled played across soft lips. The other, an older, white haired girl, was grimacing from the cold. The air whistled and screamed, blowing death on the wind.
The thin clouds grew dense and dark, obscuring the sun, but revealing the contraditctory, stubborn full moon, still glowering, menacing, dominating the sky. The wind began to swirl as white dust gently blew in. Quiet, perfect, unbroken silence, deafening in the gray world. If it weren't for the manner in which the younger girl clutched the older one's chest, the two could have been mistaken for sisters. The world around them was simultaneously tranquil and empty, desolate and harmonious, the maelstrom of star-crossed lovers.
Kaori's eyes shone with a perfect surrendering, acceptance, as sh
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Avatar - Heartbeat
One night, Jake didn't want to go to sleep, and return to his own damaged body quite so quickly. He was a little late, he knew, but he didn't care. Jake stayed in his bed till Neytiri was asleep, and climbed back out lithely. He hopped back down to the ground, and the bright night-world of Pandora lit up, in all her soft neon glory, inviting him into her depths. He  penetrated the forest, further than he had gone before. He suddenly felt a throbbing in the ground - He stooped down to touch an odd looking flower - it was like a lotus, the color of ebony, rimmed with sparkling red beads of crystal-like nature. It throbbed as well, and he touched one hand to his own chest - it throbbed and pulsated with the rhythm of the forest's heart.
It beat to the rhythm of the sweetest song back home, and yet was as thick as honey, almost tangible in it's thickness. He felt himself moved by it, in an instinct that was not only struck into him by the Na'Vi side of his new subconcious - it wa
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Wait: An Avatar Songfic
{A/N: So this is a random but intricate songfic I wrote while I was driving for hours around Scotland. It's rather long (it has five major parts, as you'll see), but I really love it. The song is 'Wait' by The Benjy Davis Project (which should retitled 'The Reincarnation Theme Song' in my opinion but anyway). The first lines just under this note are slightly out of order... but it makes more sense this way. Reviews are appreciated!}
If you think that this was good
Wait until the next life

The story of the Avatar's companion, though not as popular as the Avatar itself, is vastly more complicated than the simple air-water-earth-fire cycle of the Avatar spirit. While it is obvious as to the identity of the Avatar almost from birth (and the glow doesn't help, either), there is no outward indication as to which person holds the spirit of their natural soul mate, nor is the elemental cycle always the same. One thing that's sure, however, is that it has a pull to its natural other half
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You're all my bitches!
United States
Name: Stormy Thompson

Race/Species Name:

Gender: Female

Sexuality: :community: Take a guess. :)

Personality: I'm fairly laid-back and mellow, but I can also party because I'm awesome like that. I don't really have a label, except maybe grunge.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Brown

General History: I was born, I grew up, and now I go to high school.

Goals & Hobbies: I'm going to start a band in a couple years, and even if we never go farther than little bars and clubs, I'll accept that. Of course, I always HOPE for better. ^^

Random Info: I LOVE rock. Whether it's grunge, classic rock, metal, alt., indie., etc., I LOVE ROCK! ( But not screamo, emo, emo screamo, or most punk, unfortunately, although I love the punk culture, punk voices always grated my nerves.

Current Residence: Texas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I have no idea
Print preference: I don't know
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: ??
Favourite style of art: Painting
Operating System: ..
MP3 player of choice: ..
Shell of choice: ..
Wallpaper of choice: ..
Skin of choice: racists! Lol
Favourite cartoon character: Hanazono Shizuma x Zuko
Personal Quote: Up yours.
I want to tell you guys why I left this cruddy old account;

Traced base using is.... *Sigh* NOT ART. There, I said it.

Could I say maybe it helped me practice blah blah blah? Sure. But that doesn't mean it belongs on DeviantART. I removed 'my bases' and I am working on removing everything that used a traced base but it's taking FOREVER because I had so much BULLSHIT on this account.

Now, I'd like to see some of you guys, if nothing else, move on to some better bases, if you still want to! Original ones! Or ones that the base-maker got PERMISSION to make from a reference. Or, best yet, MAKE YOUR OWN BASES! There's an idea!

So please, stop using crappy traced bases; They aren't art and they make you procrastinate from drawing shit yourself.

"Oh, I'm not good at drawing people!"

You know why? Because you're not practicing! Traced bases make you lazy. So seriously. Cut it out.
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